The First thing in a Successful Breakthrough


is to recognize that we're either out of control or that we never took control over the situation or circumstance. It's all about the way we think. This pledge is what I call a self - Covenant Pledge, that helps me recognize my own way of thinking.


     God has given us the free-will to choose. Therefore, I have to realize that I am the core of the solution or the problem of myself.
















To those I haven't had the pleasure of speaking with here in the US and in Other Countries where poverty is brutal.


Hi, I'm Steven.


My own testimony alone living in poverty; eating out of people's trashcans and dumpsters, defecating on sidewalks, depressed, addicted, and pushing a shopping cart on skidrow for almost 11 years let's me know that I have given up mentally, living in a negative way of life for myself, while the world continues on. Yes, I know first hand experience about most of the things that you are going through, so this is not shop talk. The first successful breakthrough is mental; knowing that there is something definitely wrong with how I'm accepting this, and not trying to learn a way out of it. My excuses, were excuses.


Our length of time in poverty convinces us that we are poor and will always be poor. This is not our location telling us we are, it's the way we're thinking that we are. Once I realized that I'm not going to let my environment consume me, the environment became a temporary place of stay, that's all, and nothing more. I was able to physically walk a few miles away from it and discover that I'm still human and there are possibilities that was open to me. I even began cleaning myself up and had self-presentation, because no-one thought I was poor, because I didn't present it. Then, I began circling myself with positive people, places and things around me. Soon, my world changed from negative to positive. And so will yours.


Today, I'm one of your new positive friends in your positive world, that you will be working on or creating for yourself.

The Golden Rules of a Successful Breakthrough