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Condemning Ourselves Before Tomorrow!

Updated: May 27

Everyone has their own world that they created or allowed someone or some thing to create one for them. If we hope for a better tomorrow, it's because our today hasn't been pleasant to us. But suppose we could actually change that, providing a better tomorrow for ourselves today. So let's continue to read and see what the joy is all about in our struggle.

Changing Destiny

You can create a better world for yourself by knowing what the negative sources are in your life. If you already know, then it is the extraction from the negativity that holds you in bondage. This also goes for relationships to. One-sided love to the grave is not love, but co-dependency or a restriction policy enforced by whatever it is that's controlling you or your world from a positive change. If this wasn't your goal, then this sure isn't the destiny that you were longing or planning for. Same goes for addictions and poverty. I ate out of dumpsters as an addict for almost 11 years in what I thought had became a poverty stricken lifestyle or community for myself, so there are no excuses.

How did I ever manage to come out of this? Somewhere down deep I never stopped believing that God was going to leave me in this position. So one day, my mind was able to breathe for a moment and I began to feel hope again, just like the guy who was held down by legion and had a moment to see Jesus afar off, or others who allowed more unclean spirits to return and realized that they have gotten hemmed up in the backsliding routine, like the young man who spent all he had and was ashamed, and ate pig slop.

Well, my mind (which is the core of it all) became free enough to make the right decision to go get assistance. Practice changing the environment by not associating myself as much with the people, places and things that were enabling me. The challenge . . . changing my environmental surroundings by walking out of the poverty area as often as I can to regain self-dignity; self-worth. I have realized that I have changed my self-destructive destiny and had a goal to want to succeed. And once I reached that goal, it was a matter of working out my success from it.

│Hope gets you back up and try again. And each time you get back up, you learn a little more on how to overcome the obstacle that you're struggling with, and gives you something to smile about.│

Being Ashamed Can Burden Your Mental Freedom

Never be ashamed to get free assistance on things that weighs your shoulder down or shackles your feet from walking through those doorways of liberation. Stop looking in the mirror and fighting with yourself, free your mind from thinking that you couldn't have a positive world for yourself. Creating a positive change starts with you.

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