The First thing in a Successful Breakthrough


is to recognize that we're either out of control or that we never took control over the situation or circumstance. It's all about the way we think. This pledge is what I call a self - Covenant Pledge that helps me recognize my own way of thinking.


     God has given us the free-will to choose. Therefore, I have to realize that I am the core of the solution or the problem of myself.



     The core is me. All that I am is within the way I think. I am the product of myself. Therefore, if God has given me the free will to choose, then the choices that I make is within the way I am thinking. Then it is I, myself, who chooses to either be broken by negativity, or allow positivity to uplift my spirits.

     I must understand that by allowing the absorption of my thinking, I have opened the door for it to be consumed, replaced, repaired or damaged, piled on or removed, of whatever it is that I was thinking or dwelling on at that time. The choice I make concerning whether to accept or reject the absorption, it is within my power to control.

     If my thoughts are becoming, has been, or beginning to become unstable, then I need to discover and address what it is that hinders the pathway of positive thinking in my life, and replaces it with the poor choices that I continue to make and/or create for myself. The first thing I need to do, is to take back control of my life.

     My name is ___________________ and this is my Covenant Pledge commitment to God and myself to begin taking back control of my life on this _____ day in the month of _________, within this year __________.


     Congratulations! You just had your first breakthrough, now it’s time to work out your success!

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