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Welcome, I'm Steven Lawrence Hill, Sr.

The Founder of ASA Publishing Corporation and APN TV Media

I'm just an average person like you. The only thing I did was create a positive world for myself, which you can do the same.


Let me help you reach your breakthrough goal today! 

A lot of us struggle everyday in financial poverty and in situations that are very stressful. Losing control over our own lives is definitely one of them. It doesn't matter whether we're Christians or not, we all share that same burden - making poor choices for ourselves under these conditions. This book is designed to help anyone turn, restore, or create a positive world for themselves, if they truly want to know how.

Let's be real with ourselves:

  1. Have you been sliding backwards to more negative things in life?

  2. Do you feel that you have lost control of your life, or a person, place or thing is in the way of having a better future?

  3. How about, looking at others and thinking if they change, I can live better?

  4. Did that tomorrow ever come, or are you're still waiting on it?

Stop fooling ourselves and play-dreaming! Why wait to the last minute to see if change will come? And for who? Get Your Copy and Let's work on Your Breakthrough Goal!



Starts With You! 

Are You Ready for More Clear Thinking?

"It takes only one to be negative, the livelihood of others are just victims of it."

So, What Can This Book Do For Me?

Well, for starters, let's look at some of these Golden Rules & Breakthrough Cookies below and see just how it effects the way we're thinking as we read them.

Golden Rule No. 1

I need to take control of my life

Golden Rule No. 2

I do not need to explain myself to anyone

Golden Rule No.3

I will not allow my past to be used against me, instead I will learn from it in order to grow

Golden Rule No. 4

I will learn to be in control of my destiny, and that means avoiding the "time robbers, the controllers, and negative people"

Golden Rule No. 5

I will not take anymore mental abuse, physical abuse, and especially spiritual abuse

My Breakthrough Cookies #1

In order to move forward in success, we have to look back and know what we have learned

My Breakthrough Cookies #7

If God didn't want you to be happy, he would not have created "Hope" to give you something to smile for

My Breakthrough Cookies #9

Things do not work out as planned. But the observation of its unraveling can create new options to explore and build on

My Breakthrough Cookies #17

Stress can destroy ambition, only if you cannot discern a way to remove the cause

of its strength


A Trusted Christian Living Self-Help Book

I found the advice to be practical and sensible, considering the psychological principles of balance that are involved, and those who aspire to live by the virtues of the Christian faith are sure to understand the message on a deep level. Overall, I would certainly recommend The Golden Rules of a Successful Breakthrough for anyone aspiring to change their life and do it with confidence and ease. Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite  (Christian Living - Genre)


Together, Let's Start Building Your Positive World